Follow the star..

Tiziana Leoni Illustration @ti_leoni

Do you remember the feeling of waiting to wake up the 25th of December and see what Santa has brought you? that feeling before bed, knowing something magic was about to happened when you fall asleep.. but at the same time you were trying to stay awake to see him..

To me, keep that magic alive is my purpose during those holidays. And that magic is created by giving. Giving your time, your help or just a smile. That was all about once. Sadly, now a days, is all about consumerism. Get the expensive gift, or receive a voucher (I hate this type of present: it just said ”I had no time but here is some money”. We lost it all. Few of us still remember what is it to be just receiving and giving what really matters: love and time.

But for those who still feel the magic of a Holy Night, who spend time with friends and family and gifts are not the main reason why we gathers, keep it alive, in your heart and in your soul. Share your magic because you never know who may remember the joy of believing.

The precious gift…

Tiziana Leoni Illustration

November is almost over and you can tell by the amount of Christmassy things starting to appear in every corner in every city and town… sadly most is consuming-related. But for those who believe in the Magic of Christmas, the best is yet to come.

Carol of the bells, snowflakes dancing in the air falling on the floor, creating a magic white path decorated by pines with reddish and golden crystal balls, the smell of ginger bread being backed and built up in tiny houses and trees for the joy of children. The time spent to find the perfect gift for the love ones, choosing carefully each one. Because Christmas is about taking your time to look for a gift for family and close friends. is not about how expensive or huge the box is, but is about how much time you give to the search. Time is priceless. And precious. When you gift something that you looked for carefully, you give also your time. We all should be aware of the invisible gift that comes with the box.

so, this year, take your time to choose the gifts for the ones you love. Put your coat on, hide under the warmish hat and walk in town, carefully choosing what we want to give, together with our time.

The bury Sofa

The Wondering Bella – the Bury Sofa

I stepped of the train. Verona. Is a sunshine day of October, my favourite month of the year. 

As I walk passing Piazza Bra I get lost into the alleys between the houses and small boutiques, away from the tourist place. I curiously looked into  a courtyard, where an old Mustard sofa lies in front of an enormous wooden doorway. It looks like it has been left there, abandon to itself. Of course I decided to sit down and admire the yard where it stays, wondering about the reason behind letting this pretty sofa neglected in the yard. 

Beside myself no one seams to get close to it. Till I sat on it. A german couple with a proper  camera snaps a picture while I am sitting there. And this makes me wonder how many people did not see it. How many times we do not pay attention to situations that happened around us. We ignore signs, items and people as well. We are so lost into ourselves, overwhelmed by every day problems, often not even that serious and we lost focus of what really matters. The people we love, the moment we are in, lucky enough of being still alive. 

Often we had read “The journey matters most than the destination”, but it seams in human nature to forget about it and have our thoughts only into the next situation, not living plenty the one we are in right here, right now. We look at what we have the same way we walk by the mustard sofa. We jus want another sofa, provably in another place. We never stop and sit on it, sharing moments we the ones we love. That is the biggest mistake we do as humans. We loos the chance of making and sharing memories with family and friends.

Stars on the ground

The Wondering Bella – ‘Stars on the ground’

We look into the weirdest places for signs to follow, a path in life, maybe we want to know if we should take that job offer, if our next holiday was the right choice during this pandemic “season” we just faced, where is our next home, if we are dating the right person… we ask for advice to someone else. And there is nothing wrong with that, but there is a little problem..We cannot look at someone else’s map to then look into ours and trying to figure it out how or where to go. What I mean is, that everyone of us has its specific life-path, based on who we are as an individual, we are unique beings and we can maybe look at how the manage to get where they wanted, but we cannot copy or follow that road, because we all are different. And that is the beauty of it.

Each one of us will find the right road on our map, maybe we need to stop often, get on a plain or a train, others my stay longer in the same place because that is how they grow.

‘Stars on the ground’ means to stop looking somewhere else, far away from who we are, from where we are in life (not physically). Often you will find those guidance stars when you look inside yourself… if that makes sense.

What a beautiful place to be with friends

Edinburgh. A magic city where, literally, every street looks fascinating, mysterious like a portal to another world. No wonder that Harry Potter was born here, at the Elephant House. A city with a gothic style in some buildings like the Scott Monument on Princess Street, the old city built in yellowish bricks, the smell of the sea and the marvellous Castle with its view from the top. Edinburgh is the city I fell in love with at the moment I got on the bus from the airport. I remember I was feeling so happy, I felt home even if it was the first time I was ever in Scotland.

I remember being transported by the music to another era, the sound of the pipe bag gives me goose bumps every time I listen to it. The creativity is shoed in many small shops, from beauty products to tartan, a woollen cloth woven in of several patterns, specially designed and associated with a particular Scottish clan. without saying that, man in Kilts are sexy. yes, this girl has eyes and those legs are there to being watched.

Scottish are polite, nice and smily all the time, the heritage of genetics shows beautiful in their visage traits, tall, with gorgeous ginger hair. I still remember a guide I saw while visiting the Castle; he looks from another time. He was wearing a traditional kilt and he could been seeing even if tourist were all around, because he literally looks like a Viking with his light strawberry-blond hair.
And the food! if you like fresh fish Scotland is perfect. I’ve only got ’the catch of the day’ because every place has that option and the taste of fresh fish is beautiful. For those who are whiskey lovers there is the amazing place called ‘The Whiskey experience’ which has a tour guided by ghost and cats till being sit in front of a huge screen where you see the gorgeous land around Scotland while smelling the Different Whiskey s aroma before tasting a few. If you fancy a look, here is the link:

A place that recall the magic we all have inside ourselves, that amazed you in every step you make, that makes your visit even more magical while music becomes your background theme… Edinburgh, a place were I feel like home.

When Nature dies down

Light a candle, burn some sage, make a wish and cast a spell

There is magic in Autumn, when the air changes and become colder, lighter and the smell of roasted chestnuts fills the air. The colours of trees change, painting the woods with yellow, red and dark orange.

The crunchy sound of my steps on the crispy leaves, the sunlight goes through the branches of silent trees which dance gently when the breeze runs through them. The thud of chestnuts and walnuts landing on the moist dirt, a melodic chirrup of birds singing in the distance enwrap the whole in a fairy tale atmosphere. The wind blows once more and a brownish leaf softly detached from the branch that holds its last gasp before it dances in the air and lands on the ground, knitting with the rest of the other leaves into a picturesque path that goes across the woods. Cold air blows once more time before the sun vanish behind the mountains, leaving the land into a dim goldenish light, creating a charming moment for the soul.
Nature is dying… and before it goes into a deep sleep, it brights and shines with all its beauty, even so it left behind blankets made of leaves, seeds and nuts to feed and warm every creature in the woods.

Humans used to thank Mother Nature for the fruits of the earth during Mabon celebrations, the autumnal equinox. Many of us still recon this day and we take a moment to count out blessings and love every moment of our existence on Earth.

Magic Waters

There is always an ancient story that wraps in mystery some places. one of these is Tulum and the Cenotes around it. The clear and fresh sweet water of each has its own magic. Some of them are ten meters under earth and no light ever touch them, others are under the sun. The clearness of the water is unbelievable when the deep of it is little. But others are so deep that the water is darker and colder.

Mayans believe those water were sacred. After being there, I can tell, they have magic. It is so peaceful and you never get cold, even if the water does never sees the light, its freshness never gets you chills. It is so quiet and you hear every nature’s sound. The soft wind swings the long roots that hang from the roof of some. I remember I wanted to stay there forever.

I remember the day we were driving from Merida to Tulum and we decided to have an adventure into the jungle while we were driving through Valladolid We found a semi cave cenote. the inly way to see inside of it was by pointing a mirror that was left on the floor a few meters from the entrance. The idea was to make the sun reflect into the mirror and pointed into the entrance. The lightness and beauty of the water started to shine. we walked into it and had a short swim. I was a bit afraid that a magic creature may show to us. But at the same time I could not believe how lucky I was to have found this magic spot in the middle of the tropical jungle.