“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there..”

Have you ever feel this way? this has being my life the for last few weeks. So, while I find an answer I decided to stop. it is pointless to try to get somewhere just because no reason. As you may noticed also this post is short. I just started to write and I’ve already know it will be.

But one thing I can tell… When you stop you find your inner peace. And is right there when you find the answers you are looking for.

The journey within Yourself

Every time I travel there is a romance happening between the place and myself. This is provably due to the fact that I often go solo. But is also the reason why I like to travel alone (sometimes).

When I say there is a romance going on, is not me looking to my reflection while window-shopping. Is more about discovering and falling in love with the emotions that come to life while I observe what is happening all around.
How many times I’ve seen myself in someone else’s movements, steps, words… A lot. What I mean is when I see a couple or a family it recalls memories of my past and also I see how far I’ve come that I am the kind of person that is not afraid of traveling by myself.

This has many advantages like deciding where to go, when, how.. but it has also a most deep impact; by traveling this way, I go into an inner journey, even without deciding to go for it. It is inevitable. You have no one to talk to, so you can just observe and listen to your thoughts. And trust me, my head is literally crowded with plenty of mini me. I discovered this way my lack of attention when a butterfly flies close to me and I stop doing whatever I was doing, but at the same time how I notice things that you can only see when you look at everything in detail as if it was a beautiful piece of art in a museum. People are the characters and the city is the stage. I am the story teller, the observer, the one who sees the world as a bunch of stories crossing each others paths. For once my story gives space to moments of someone else’s life.

One day I will tell you about that time I met Santa Clause. Yes, I did. Or when I a man from Nazareth asked for my help while in Rome (that one was weird)… But that is a story for another time.

Rome, 2021..


After all this insane situation I’ve finally got the chance to travel and visit one of my favourites cities: Rome. 

it is weird to see the city not so crowded with tourist going everywhere with their noses looking up to the buildings or getting a picture on Spanish steps, trying to find a space between everyone else doing, basically the same. 

but it got me the possibility to admire the beauty of the Eternal City even more. Summer is very hot in Italy and here is 35 degrees. But nothing will ever stop me to walk around and discover small boutiques, independent designers and sit on a bench to wonder about all I see around myself. I am very curious and humans are something I like to observe. I always look at the accessories they’ve got. Is one of my passions as a fashion designer, to look at what people like to wear, how they mix and match the outfit, wondering if one of the rings or neckless has a special meaning like mines.

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then..”

No sentence can’t be more true about many of us, at least, this describes me perfectly. I keep changing every day, because I keep learning, I keep traveling and I keep discovering new things within myself while doing a bunch of new experiences…

I’ve never being someone who thought bout blogging, but all this pandemic situation gave me another perspective not just about life, but specially inside myself. So before you read or see weird things… I have dyslexia. In 4 languages. I am not a writer. I will post about my experience on Planet Earth. Provably most of you have plenty fo experience, provably more, some less… but I am just a girl, enjoying writing. Yes, because I was one of those teenagers who used to write all her feelings on “Dear Diary..”. Hope is not too boring, hope can be fun or useful.. or just a killing time while you wait for your next flight at the airport.

Yes! I wish you all (and myself as well) to travel as much as you can, to visit places you dream of and create beautiful memories. We may even meet somewhere without knowing we kinda crossed our path on a blog.