Follow the star..

Tiziana Leoni Illustration @ti_leoni

Do you remember the feeling of waiting to wake up the 25th of December and see what Santa has brought you? that feeling before bed, knowing something magic was about to happened when you fall asleep.. but at the same time you were trying to stay awake to see him..

To me, keep that magic alive is my purpose during those holidays. And that magic is created by giving. Giving your time, your help or just a smile. That was all about once. Sadly, now a days, is all about consumerism. Get the expensive gift, or receive a voucher (I hate this type of present: it just said ”I had no time but here is some money”. We lost it all. Few of us still remember what is it to be just receiving and giving what really matters: love and time.

But for those who still feel the magic of a Holy Night, who spend time with friends and family and gifts are not the main reason why we gathers, keep it alive, in your heart and in your soul. Share your magic because you never know who may remember the joy of believing.

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