The precious gift…

Tiziana Leoni Illustration

November is almost over and you can tell by the amount of Christmassy things starting to appear in every corner in every city and town… sadly most is consuming-related. But for those who believe in the Magic of Christmas, the best is yet to come.

Carol of the bells, snowflakes dancing in the air falling on the floor, creating a magic white path decorated by pines with reddish and golden crystal balls, the smell of ginger bread being backed and built up in tiny houses and trees for the joy of children. The time spent to find the perfect gift for the love ones, choosing carefully each one. Because Christmas is about taking your time to look for a gift for family and close friends. is not about how expensive or huge the box is, but is about how much time you give to the search. Time is priceless. And precious. When you gift something that you looked for carefully, you give also your time. We all should be aware of the invisible gift that comes with the box.

so, this year, take your time to choose the gifts for the ones you love. Put your coat on, hide under the warmish hat and walk in town, carefully choosing what we want to give, together with our time.

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