The bury Sofa

The Wondering Bella – the Bury Sofa

I stepped of the train. Verona. Is a sunshine day of October, my favourite month of the year. 

As I walk passing Piazza Bra I get lost into the alleys between the houses and small boutiques, away from the tourist place. I curiously looked into  a courtyard, where an old Mustard sofa lies in front of an enormous wooden doorway. It looks like it has been left there, abandon to itself. Of course I decided to sit down and admire the yard where it stays, wondering about the reason behind letting this pretty sofa neglected in the yard. 

Beside myself no one seams to get close to it. Till I sat on it. A german couple with a proper  camera snaps a picture while I am sitting there. And this makes me wonder how many people did not see it. How many times we do not pay attention to situations that happened around us. We ignore signs, items and people as well. We are so lost into ourselves, overwhelmed by every day problems, often not even that serious and we lost focus of what really matters. The people we love, the moment we are in, lucky enough of being still alive. 

Often we had read “The journey matters most than the destination”, but it seams in human nature to forget about it and have our thoughts only into the next situation, not living plenty the one we are in right here, right now. We look at what we have the same way we walk by the mustard sofa. We jus want another sofa, provably in another place. We never stop and sit on it, sharing moments we the ones we love. That is the biggest mistake we do as humans. We loos the chance of making and sharing memories with family and friends.

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