Stars on the ground

The Wondering Bella – ‘Stars on the ground’

We look into the weirdest places for signs to follow, a path in life, maybe we want to know if we should take that job offer, if our next holiday was the right choice during this pandemic “season” we just faced, where is our next home, if we are dating the right person… we ask for advice to someone else. And there is nothing wrong with that, but there is a little problem..We cannot look at someone else’s map to then look into ours and trying to figure it out how or where to go. What I mean is, that everyone of us has its specific life-path, based on who we are as an individual, we are unique beings and we can maybe look at how the manage to get where they wanted, but we cannot copy or follow that road, because we all are different. And that is the beauty of it.

Each one of us will find the right road on our map, maybe we need to stop often, get on a plain or a train, others my stay longer in the same place because that is how they grow.

‘Stars on the ground’ means to stop looking somewhere else, far away from who we are, from where we are in life (not physically). Often you will find those guidance stars when you look inside yourself… if that makes sense.

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