What a beautiful place to be with friends

Edinburgh. A magic city where, literally, every street looks fascinating, mysterious like a portal to another world. No wonder that Harry Potter was born here, at the Elephant House. A city with a gothic style in some buildings like the Scott Monument on Princess Street, the old city built in yellowish bricks, the smell of the sea and the marvellous Castle with its view from the top. Edinburgh is the city I fell in love with at the moment I got on the bus from the airport. I remember I was feeling so happy, I felt home even if it was the first time I was ever in Scotland.

I remember being transported by the music to another era, the sound of the pipe bag gives me goose bumps every time I listen to it. The creativity is shoed in many small shops, from beauty products to tartan, a woollen cloth woven in of several patterns, specially designed and associated with a particular Scottish clan. without saying that, man in Kilts are sexy. yes, this girl has eyes and those legs are there to being watched.

Scottish are polite, nice and smily all the time, the heritage of genetics shows beautiful in their visage traits, tall, with gorgeous ginger hair. I still remember a guide I saw while visiting the Castle; he looks from another time. He was wearing a traditional kilt and he could been seeing even if tourist were all around, because he literally looks like a Viking with his light strawberry-blond hair.
And the food! if you like fresh fish Scotland is perfect. I’ve only got ’the catch of the day’ because every place has that option and the taste of fresh fish is beautiful. For those who are whiskey lovers there is the amazing place called ‘The Whiskey experience’ which has a tour guided by ghost and cats till being sit in front of a huge screen where you see the gorgeous land around Scotland while smelling the Different Whiskey s aroma before tasting a few. If you fancy a look, here is the link: https://www.scotchwhiskyexperience.co.uk/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6Yme99Kj8wIVbPx3Ch33IAJjEAAYASAAEgJdNvD_BwE

A place that recall the magic we all have inside ourselves, that amazed you in every step you make, that makes your visit even more magical while music becomes your background theme… Edinburgh, a place were I feel like home.

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