When Nature dies down

Light a candle, burn some sage, make a wish and cast a spell

There is magic in Autumn, when the air changes and become colder, lighter and the smell of roasted chestnuts fills the air. The colours of trees change, painting the woods with yellow, red and dark orange.

The crunchy sound of my steps on the crispy leaves, the sunlight goes through the branches of silent trees which dance gently when the breeze runs through them. The thud of chestnuts and walnuts landing on the moist dirt, a melodic chirrup of birds singing in the distance enwrap the whole in a fairy tale atmosphere. The wind blows once more and a brownish leaf softly detached from the branch that holds its last gasp before it dances in the air and lands on the ground, knitting with the rest of the other leaves into a picturesque path that goes across the woods. Cold air blows once more time before the sun vanish behind the mountains, leaving the land into a dim goldenish light, creating a charming moment for the soul.
Nature is dying… and before it goes into a deep sleep, it brights and shines with all its beauty, even so it left behind blankets made of leaves, seeds and nuts to feed and warm every creature in the woods.

Humans used to thank Mother Nature for the fruits of the earth during Mabon celebrations, the autumnal equinox. Many of us still recon this day and we take a moment to count out blessings and love every moment of our existence on Earth.

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