Magic Waters

There is always an ancient story that wraps in mystery some places. one of these is Tulum and the Cenotes around it. The clear and fresh sweet water of each has its own magic. Some of them are ten meters under earth and no light ever touch them, others are under the sun. The clearness of the water is unbelievable when the deep of it is little. But others are so deep that the water is darker and colder.

Mayans believe those water were sacred. After being there, I can tell, they have magic. It is so peaceful and you never get cold, even if the water does never sees the light, its freshness never gets you chills. It is so quiet and you hear every nature’s sound. The soft wind swings the long roots that hang from the roof of some. I remember I wanted to stay there forever.

I remember the day we were driving from Merida to Tulum and we decided to have an adventure into the jungle while we were driving through Valladolid We found a semi cave cenote. the inly way to see inside of it was by pointing a mirror that was left on the floor a few meters from the entrance. The idea was to make the sun reflect into the mirror and pointed into the entrance. The lightness and beauty of the water started to shine. we walked into it and had a short swim. I was a bit afraid that a magic creature may show to us. But at the same time I could not believe how lucky I was to have found this magic spot in the middle of the tropical jungle.

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