Lost in Paris

I’ve just landed from Buenos Aires at Charles de Gaulle Airport and I had to stay there eight hours. I Was in Paris just once so the smarter thing to do was to jump on the subway and visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Few points: phone’s battery was dead, I don’t speak french and all I had was a paper map.

I still remember the cold but beautiful morning. I walked out the metro (tube) and walked straight to a coffee shop where I ate the best croissant ever. Also the only croissant I’ve ever had. After I’ve finished my frenchy breakfast I decided to ask for some informations about how to reach Le Sacre Coeur. As I mention before, my phone died, I only had a map (a paper one) and I wanted to make this my french adventure! also my french is.. well, let’s say I can ask for a couple of things and one of those is a very popular sentence that we all know and I would not used! But I had faith and plenty of time.

I must say I did get lost, also on the way I tried to charge a bit my phone somewhere. French people are kind, they actually let me charged my phone in places you would never imagine. It was a very cold day of January, the cozy coffee shops seams to keep looking at me and inviting me to sit and sip some hot beverage. But it would have been such a waste of time. Paris is Paris. I kept walking looking at my map, asking for information and trying to understand what I was told. It is a bit true that english is not so popular there. But hey, why to ruin a lovely language such as France with the usual english? I loved to look at my informer and listen to the beautiful accent while in my head I was just thinking ”I have no clue what I was told”.

I remember walking up to the stairs that will take me to the church but I never imaging the beautiful view and how peace full it would be. An old man was playing his arp, few tourist were already there. From there I walked into Montmartre, a place full of artist where even in the small souvenir shops you find cards and illustrations made by artist.I keep walking till arrived to The Moulin Rouge .

What I enjoy the most when I travel are the views from the top but also all the untold stories Of people that cross my path. I observe how people interact as a couple, as family or friends and how connected they are one to another.

The beautiful view from Le Sacre Coeur

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