Rome, 2021..


After all this insane situation I’ve finally got the chance to travel and visit one of my favourites cities: Rome. 

it is weird to see the city not so crowded with tourist going everywhere with their noses looking up to the buildings or getting a picture on Spanish steps, trying to find a space between everyone else doing, basically the same. 

but it got me the possibility to admire the beauty of the Eternal City even more. Summer is very hot in Italy and here is 35 degrees. But nothing will ever stop me to walk around and discover small boutiques, independent designers and sit on a bench to wonder about all I see around myself. I am very curious and humans are something I like to observe. I always look at the accessories they’ve got. Is one of my passions as a fashion designer, to look at what people like to wear, how they mix and match the outfit, wondering if one of the rings or neckless has a special meaning like mines.

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