“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then..”

No sentence can’t be more true about manyof us, at least, this describes me perfectly. I keep changing every day, because I keep learning, I keep traveling and I keep discovering new things within myself while doing a bunch of new experiences… 

I’ve never being someone who thought bout blogging, but all this pandemic situation gave me another perspective not just about life, but specially inside myself. So before you read or see weird things… I have dyslexia. In 4 languages. I am not a writer. I will post about my experience on Planet Earth. Provably most of you have plenty fo experience, provably more, some less… but I am just a girl, enjoying writing. Yes, because I was one of those teenagers who used to write all her feelings on “Dear Diary..”. Hope is not too boring, hope can be fun or useful.. or just a killing time while you wait for your next flight at the airport.

Yes! I wish you all (and myself as well) to travel as much as you can, to visit places you dream of and create beautiful memories. We may even meet somewhere without knowing we kinda crossed our path on a blog. 

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